Best Water Purifier in UAE

Electronic Elimination of Hard Water Scale

A compact, computerized, electronic water conditioner, which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and Saves You Money From The Moment It Is Installed.

This compact, computerised limescale remover uses a coil wrapped around the outside of your main intake pipe to create an electronic force, which changes the physical properties of the scale-forming calcium.

Best Water Purifier in UAE

The Problems

LivingCare installation video

Curious how this whole thing works? Here is how a typical home installation goes. Livingcare is here for you every step of the way.

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Best Water Purifier in UAE

LivingCare VS Other Sources

LivingCare has many critical advantages over conventional drinking water sources. Below are few:

LivingCare Tankless Water Purifier vs. bottled water delivery

LivingCare vs. bottled water delivery

  • Earth-friendly: No delivery truck—saving fossil fuel and reducing pollution. (Zero carbon footprint)
  • More convenient: No large, heavy bottles to handle or store; no deliveries to manage
  • Higher quality: No pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or other chemicals formed when exposed to heat.
LivingCare Water Purifier vs. packaged water

LivingCare vs. packaged water

  • Earth-friendly: Eliminates the environmental cost of producing and disposing of billions of plastic bottles (Zero carbon footprint)
  • Saves you money: Bottled water is more than 600 times more expensive than DEWA water
  • Higher quality: LivingCare doesn’t contain chemicals used
LivingCare Water Purifier vs. tap water filtration system

LivingCare vs. tap water filtration system

  • Earth-friendly: LivingCare eliminates the water waste common with many filtration systems
  • More convenient: Compact, enabling you to fix it anywhere giving you hot/Cold water instantly
  • Higher-quality: LivingCare contains none of the groundwater contaminants that can pass through these systems to your glass

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