No Salt

No Chemicals

No Filters

No Maintenance

No Salt

No Chemicals

No Filters

No Maintenance

What to expect from Scalewatcher

The Problem

Hard water substantially increases energy consumption, necessitates downtime for cleaning and results in the early renewal of capital equipment. Executives involved in running a business, local government departments or institutions are under increasing pressure to cut costs and become more efficient. However this must be carried out with due regard to increasing environmental legislation.

The Solution

From its many years experience in treating hard water problems, Scalewatcher has refined and developed its electronic descaling systems. These provide companies with a clean, effective and environmentally friendly means of removing and preventing lime scale build-up.   The Scalewatcher can be installed and removed from a system without opening the pipe. Making installation, operation and testing very easy

The problem

Best Water Purifier in UAE

The result

Water Purifiers in UAE

The most important benefits of Scalewatcher

Prevention of scale forming

Increased life of water related equipment

Reduced mechanical damage and failure

Environmentally friendly, uses no chemicals or salt.

Removal of existing scale layers

Lower energy bill

Short term payback of investment

No shutdown of production process necessary during installation