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LivingCare installation video

Curious how this whole thing works? Here is how a typical home installation goes. Livingcare is here for you every step of the way.

Why LivingCare?

No More Bottles​ - Tankless

No More Bottles

Enjoy unlimited fresh water and save money, time and Space with livingcare bottle-less water dispenser. 

Choice of Dispense

Dispenses Hot/ Cold/ Ambient water from a single tap instantly.

Best Water Dispense in Dubi-UAE
Buy Tankless Water Purifier in Dubai


Avoids bacteria and other contamination by drawing water directly through internal water line without the need of a water tank.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to change, All-in-one filter, by combining 3 filters; Sediment, Carbon 7 UV Filter in one, to facilitate ease of replacement, It’s filter change indicator tell you exactly when the filter needs to be replaced. You can buy a new filter online here

RO UV Water Filter
Certified Water Purification System


NSF and various other certifications proves our purification exceeds standardized purification set by the WHO and DEWA standards.

Service Standard

1 year warranty on product + Free first service along with filter change. 

1 year warranty on Water Purifier

LivingCare VS Other Sources

LivingCare has many critical advantages over conventional drinking water sources. Below are few:

LivingCare Tankless Water Purifier vs. bottled water delivery
LivingCare Water Purifier vs. packaged water
LivingCare Water Purifier vs. tap water filtration system

Looking to replace your filter or in need of an extra catridge for your Livingcare water purifier?


Replacement Filter

  • Twist type cartridge.
  • ALL-IN-ONE Easy to replace DO-IT-YOURSELF filter.
  • Removes Chlorine, Lead, Bacteria & Bad Taste, while permitting passage of important minerals.
  • NSF Certified.
  • FILTER LIFE: 4000 Litre capacity.

AED 200.00


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