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We offers a range of products and solutions for various water needs. Osmosis Water Dispenser, Drinking clean and purified water is a necessity, not a choice.

Best Water Purifier in UAE

Living Care

LIVINGCARE Water Purifier provides great tasting clean drinking water by using direct water filtration without water tank. It is as simple as one touch to get hot, cold and ambient water right away. Tankless is also the latest technology trend which eliminates the concern of microorganism formation.
Water Purifiers in UAE
No Bottles

Save money, time and Space with  bottle-less water dispenser.

Water Purifiers in UAE

Hot/ Cold/ Ambient water from a single tap instantly.

Water Purifiers in UAE

Avoids bacteria and other contamination by drawing water directly through internal water line.

Water Purifiers in UAE
All In One

Easy to change, All-in-one filter, by combining 3 filters; Sediment, Carbon 7 UV Filter in one. 

Water Purifiers in UAE

1 year warranty on product + Free first service and filter change. 

Water Purifiers in UAE

NSF certified to prove it meets standardized purification as per WHO standards.

Looking to replace your filter or in need of an extra catridge for your Livingcare water purifier?


Replacement Filter

  • Twist type cartridge.
  • ALL-IN-ONE Easy to replace DO-IT-YOURSELF filter.
  • Removes Chlorine, Lead, Bacteria & Bad Taste, while permitting passage of important minerals.
  • NSF Certified.
  • FILTER LIFE: 4000 Litre capacity.

AED 200.00


(Get free quick delivery plus installation by ordering on whatsapp)

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Refer & Earn




An environmentally friendly device for treating hard water without opening the pipe and without any chemical additives – at very low energy cost. This compact, computerised limescale remover uses a coil wrapped around the outside of your main intake pipe to create an electronic force, which changes the physical properties of the scale-forming calcium.

Easily fitted and requiring no plumbing or maintenance, Scalewatcher benefits include:

Completely non-invasive, no cutting of pipes

No chemicals required

Maintenance free operation

Low operation costs

Environmentally friendly and hazard free

Increases life span of capital equipment

Reduces mechanical failure of process equipment

Water Purifiers And Their Maintenance In Dubai And UAE


Water Purifiers And Their Maintenance In Dubai And UAE


Water Purifiers And Their Maintenance In Dubai And UAE


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